Agree on the importance of your knowledge in public. Even I used to underestimate this. Imposter syndrome used to creep in. But as soon I just thought of it as documenting my journey/learnings and seeing how it could help others, the whole perception changed.

Building audience is the natural byproduct of helping people on internet ✨

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I feel I burnt myself in the Advice Business.

Unlike Peter, I conquered the thoughts that my advice is "old" and wrote a short book on building portfolio projects that get you hired.

Someone posted a short blog post (https://akoskm.com/how-to-stand-out-with-your-job-application) version of this book on HN (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29569814), receiving incredibly negative responses and seen as bad advice. Of course, I read through all of them, and I had several conclusions:

- if you list step-by-step what worked for you, some might say it worked for your special case (my contained example for building projects, not just the theory)

- if you give too broad advice, it's either too obvious or too generic

Although the Advice Business seems like a great idea, without a social solid proof (like working for big tech), it is less attainable for us, ordinary fullstack engineers who only worked for Upwork clients and local outsourcing companies.

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