Yup I always told interviewers if six months in you realize this is not the place for you it’s not good for anyone.

Btw loved the YouTube video on side hustles. More real talk from people in the trenches

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I liked the "real story" with your hire.

It reminded me of what one of my old bosses told me: "When you join a new company, the only thing you know for sure is that you'll leave. You just don't know when".

I always admired his openness because that's not a message that many "leaders" are willing to give, even if it's blatantly true.

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The hiring advice hit the spot..

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I'd hazard to guess that the people who play pretend do it because their real would repel any sane soul.

I have had a few leaders that I had to leave. No judgement on them. One was on his second divorce. Another was held together by an ethnophobia that was destroying him faster than the team he got put in charge to lead. Being real only works when you are at peace with Reality.

I know I'd love to read a whole book by you on how to be real! Keep writing about this stuff man! Hope to catch up with you again soon.

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