Thank you for opening my eyes to this flavor of entrepreneurship. It makes 1000x more sense than the VC flavor.

In entrepreneurship, “you ain’t nobody til somebody pays you”. But the credibility, learnings, and opportunities are what make you someone.

Small wins snowball. Compounding til infinity.

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> today's common wisdom on entrepreneurship is crap

Agree it's crap

I know cause i swallowed it hook line and sinker

It's peddled by people who are incentivised by large pools of people swinging for the fences such as VC people (who needs large pools of people who try and only 1 or 2 to succeed) and media people who need dramatic stories for their news

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I'm saving this post as a great, all-around motivational post that reminds me why I created my first info product on Gumroad and why I should create more.

> The world is far more connected than you realize; this is why you should make things to help people. Because just like me, you, too, might need help someday.

Thanks, Louie!

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