You really have some of the best stories and tweets, Louie.

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💙 🙏 thank you KimSia… I just need to make sure i’m telling them well and doing them the justice they deserve.

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I'm going through something similar. I got an excellent rating for my year-end and it amounted to a 4% raise (less than current inflation rates). I then found out I was paid near bottom of my pay range and my boss claimed he couldn't control it when I asked for an improvement. I'm looking to expand my skill set and job hunt soon.

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Four years ago, my days consisted of doing the same refactoring over and over in a huge codebase without learning anything new. I was paid well. I had plenty of time, cognitive energy, and a great gym session, and I also bought a PlayStation. I was super comfortable making good money.

Then one day, I started to think about how strange it is that while I'm a software engineer, I couldn't care less about software. So I decided I'll learn something new.

One thing led to another: I contacted my first-ever freelancing client (we have worked together for seven years now!) and landed a part-time job.

I kept expanding my knowledge with new stuff, and after two years, when I was ready to increase my hours outside of my day job (and my company knew it), they offered me almost a 100% raise. I accepted the raise but also kept the client. This way, I worked 50h/w, but I also hired someone to cover my client full-time.

I'm constantly going through these ups and downs in motivation to learn something new, but I always find new ways to convince myself that it's worth it.

Besides financial gains, teaching others is a big motivation.

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Great story, Louie! It's of particular relevance given the current environment in tech. But even more so, striving to improve yourself everyday is an attitude you should always have.

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