Love your stories Louie. An honest question - how do you remember them? Did you have a diary or a personal notebook where you would write down your thoughts.

Nowadays I recollect stories from my past is when I get to chance to talk to someone who I shared a memory with.

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Thank you Kunal.

Almost every story I’ve told on here I was reminded of in some way by someone else.

This week I was listening to the My First Million podcast because they had on Mohnish Pabrai, and i’m a big fan of Mohnish.

In the episode Mohnish is telling these stories about Buffet & some of the business he started when he was a kid At 10 or 11 years old. Mohnish tells his own story too. And all that immediately reminded me, and got me thinking all week of of some of the stuff I did in business as a kid too.

And I even texted my cousin this week after I heard that podcast & we reminisced & riffed about it. All the memories came rushing back.

I do keep some notes these days but many of these stories I am reminded of by others in some way.

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Thanks for sharing. Agree Mohnish’s stories are always interesting. I’m only half way through that episode.

Also it is nice to have family and friends around to reminisce memories about memories.

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Amazing personal story as always Louie - I can see why you're successful now, you've been a hustler forever! 🙂 (wish I'd worked like that a bit instead of non-stop studying in my teens 😔)

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