Wow, this is a powerful story - the CEO should have been paid $75,001 by the Board 🤣

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The naming Talent Nursery is so perfect. This was happening and I believe it will happen much more in the future. Juniors nowadays are not like juniors before. Nowadays most people - to not say all of them - are so motivated and energetic to work in an environment where they can learn, improve, deconstruct, build, grow. And if they are not given such environment they can easily quit and choose another - more dynamic - startup/company. And I am not even gonna mention the people who would just prefer to make a business on their own.

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Nov 7, 2022Liked by Louie Bacaj

Talent nursery. I like that term, never heard it before. In a way each of us is our talent nursery. Hiding our strengths in a corner and not giving them enough credit for the great life they make for us. Ok, maybe that's stretching the term, but I like it. And "A salary is the drug they give you to forget your dreams," man, that's a mic drop phrase. Your writing is like the escape door from that quote. Thanks Louie.

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> The point is that you never want your team or company to become a talent nursery for someone else.

The placement of this moral of the story in bold, is so *chef's kiss*.

your collection of elsewhere is consistently high quality.

How do you do it?

Do you keep like a notion doc or some notes where every time you see something potentially can make it to your elsewhere, you will put it in?

Then when it comes to publishing you will then go in and copy paste into your newsletter and then send out?

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