At one point in article.. looked like I was reading a professional journalist.. I was so into it.. excellent read to me

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I agree with you, Louie that right now, we have now reached the age of algorithmic everyone based on the Sam Lessin's excellent observation Digital Attention Food Chain in Progress at https://twitter.com/lessin/status/1551931628305502208

However, if you think about it, asking everyone to pay the 8 dollars and giving different treatment in terms of reach, depending on whether you paid or not, ... isn't this a bit like how the ISPs wanted to have different treatment of bandwidth which the net neutrality movement was against?

How is the same mechanic suddenly different when you move up the OSI stack?

I also may be using the wrong analogy here. So I stand corrected if that's the case.

I don't have an answer to my own questions. I totally get that twitter needs to make more money. I don't want twitter to go away.

I am unsure if this execution is right. No judgement on anyone who pays (or doesn't) for the blue checkmark.

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The tweet by Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the most articulate and succinct bit of inspiration I've seen yet on the rising tide of AI. I've been angling to step back from travel and the speaking industry for online projects, but the AI shift makes me so glad I have a foothold in a face to face industry. I've still been stalling on jumping in to Twitter. So here's a question. Should someone who is totally new to the platform spring for the paid features, or have more of a decent following first? Interested in your take.

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