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Freedom, Fortune, Fame - you choose the priority

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It's a bad thing to read this on Monday morning - I forgot my to do list and instead read and reflect this post for 30 min :D

Another great post, thank you for this Louie!

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Its a great feeling to know what you want, and show it to the world even if it falls outside the "norm". There are many things in life that should be considered as currency:

- time

- social connection

You may have a smaller financial salary, but you have given yourself a bonus in other categories.

Thanks for your writings!

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Thank you for the shoutout, Louie! I learned a lot from you - not just from the newsletter course but from all the ways you set an example for our community of online entrepreneurs. Bravo. And great newsletter this week! This really landed for me: "Freedom to work on what you want to work on means happiness."

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Thanks for letting us inside your head and reminding us the timeless values you cherish!

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I think this resonates highly with entrepreneurs, both those just starting out and those who have gone through many years but haven't gotten significant payoffs.

I also have this dilemma, where my friends are already at staff+ levels in big tech having big money, while here I am still learning more basic stuffs like marketing, sales, admins, etc.

What keeps me going is also similar to your reflection, Louie. It's the learning and the new experiences I gained that are much more diverse and fulfilling. And I'm betting they are translate-able to my future businesses, if this one fails.

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I think we need a support group in SB for those contemplating the return to NPC-mode

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Happy father's day Louie! Steaks look fantastic.

Your post remind me of the old quote "Money is coined freedom" (think it was Dostoyvesky). How much each of us value creative freedom is different and the exchange rate between money and freedom I think is personal to each of us.

I also think there is a stock vs flow aspect to evaluating outcomes. The $100K in current income doesn't given any value to the capabilities you have developed in this time. In a corporate context this would be recorded on a balance sheet. I think we forget to measure the value of compounding in becoming the best version of ourselves, because its hard to ascribe a specific valuation. But that doesn't change the fact that it is there! Intangibles on our personal balance sheets.

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I've been thinking a lot about this as well, Louie. Esp when almost all my friends in my secondary school has out earned me at their jobs.

I like the alliteration that Phil Charles used.

Using @Phil Charles terminology, I'll say I have prioritized Freedom a little bit too much.

I think is a false dischotomy, but having said that, I should correct my under-indexing of my earning power.

To correct it, I am redefining my freedom to include certain revenue or salary targets.

In other words, I am not truly free if I don't earn X amount.

Just as I am not truly free if I cannot choose to decide how, when, and where to do my work.

I have to hack my own brain as well. :)

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Such a touching piece, Louie! Time optionality is the real freedom indeed. These days I keep a note on desk: Health> Family, friends> Creative projects> work, it helps me prioritise what really matters.

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Happy father's day to you Louie. I never expected to find the kind of community that would address the loneliness factor you have mentioned here. But having a community of writers to create with is a total game changer. I can't even imagine how I functioned previously without it.

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Another amazing post! Reminds me of revealed preferences. In surveys a lot of people say this is what they value etc. but true values can be seen by your actions and what you sacrifice for

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