I always take my panning screen when I dive into your posts, because I know I'm going to find a few nuggets of gold in the stream. This mention about Pavlov's dog and the stress response is the gem this week for me. What a key thing to know regarding change. We're always trying to avoid stress, but it's presence is actually giving us an opportunity to cut ties with detrimental habits and pick up new habit-alliances that will serve us better. I especially like this as applied to public speaking. I so often feel that speaking to others is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves under the witness of others, but we have to take a risk to do so. The stress we feel when given the chance to speak is actually a perfect physiological response, preparing us for a leap ahead, an invitation to shed old skin and adopt a new way forward.

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Thanks for making me feel better about my huge technical debt and lack of testing

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Another banger.

It happened to me some time ago to work for a small, pre-revenue startup founded by a couple of ex-corporate people.

A f**kin' disaster! Try to explain to them how they should treat their MVP when they had ZERO customers and had made ZERO dollars made my head explode 🤯

Much like young Louie would focus on completely irrelevant metrics for the business stage he was in, these guys would squander energy on web app buttons and colors, or complicate the MVP with full lifecycle features - even before one single customer was onboarded.

Always contextualize your business decisions to the growth stage you are at.

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